Principia’s College Consulting Program provides families with personalized guidance from the start of high school through the college application process. From course selection, extracurricular management, testing schedules, internship acquisition, and the often-intimidating college essay and application process, our advisors offer comprehensive guidance options to find that singular talent in each student.

Our students have been accepted at the following schools (and many more) in the past two years: 

Harvard University

Dartmouth College




Johns Hopkins


University of Richmond


Cornell University

University of Pennsylvania





William and Mary


UMD Presidential Scholar

Princeton University








Boston University

Yale University

Cal Tech

Smith College

U Michigan

UC Berkeley


Villanova (Business)


George Washington

Congratulations to the new class of 2023! Check out our blog for more of our 2018-2019 admissions results.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do parents typically begin college consulting?

We’ve had students begin as early as 6th grade and as late as 12th grade. It depends on career goals, target schools, and extracurriculars — no matter when we start, our goal is to hone in on each student’s “singular talent.”

I have a rising senior who is just beginning the college application process. What are your options and when should we get started?

We have a number of options for 12th grade college applications — the most popular is our Comprehensive Consulting and Essay Package. We also have a Comprehensive “Essays Only” package for extremely motivated students who don’t need consulting, as well as weekend bootcamps for small groups and 1:1 students looking for short term help; while we don’t typically recommend hourly options for college essays, we understand that it makes the most sense in some cases and work with students on a case-by-case basis.

Why can’t I just use my student’s school counselor?

High school guidance counselors are stretched thin. The average student-to-counselor ratio is now 482-to-1 — almost double the ratio recommended by the American School Counselor Association — and even in private schools, the ratio can be closer to 100:1. In addition, school counselors are not professional writers and editors, and typically don’t know their students beyond their transcript and resume. Each of Principia’s counselors is limited to 10 students per year to ensure the individualized attention your student — and application — deserves.

I have a middle schooler and I’m interested in a program that will cover everything all the way through college applications. Do you offer a consulting package that covers everything?

Yes, we offer both annual and multi-year consulting packages, some of which include test prep and tutoring options. Every student is different, so the best way to move forward is to get in touch at for a free consultation.

My 9th grader is interested in starting a business. Can you help with that?

Over the years, we’ve helped students start teen-focused magazines, design e-commerce websites, set up LLCs, and establish Instagram influencer profiles. Whatever their passion, our goal is to bring together short term interests with long-term career goals in a way that speaks to admissions committees.

So, am I guaranteed a spot at Stanford?

Given extraordinarily competitive admissions rates — for the class of 2022, Stanford admitted only 4.3% of applicants and rejected many students with perfect grades and scores — we don’t make guarantees about specific schools; what’s more, if any counselor says they can guarantee admission, it should be a clear red flag. What we can guarantee is that we’ll maximize your student’s chances of admission to their top choice schools in an ethical manner that gives them agency and focuses on growth throughout the process.

Do you offer consulting for students outside the northern Virginia area?

Yes, we have students across the country and as far away as Hong Kong and Seoul; we meet regularly over Skype or Google Hangouts and can arrange in-person meetings once a year (or whenever possible). Feel free to get in touch below and we’ll arrange an initial consultation.

Interested in 12th grade options? Want to learn more about our bootcamps? Get in touch at or below.