Principia’s College Consulting Program provides families with personalized guidance through the college application process. From course selection, extracurricular management, testing schedules, internship acquisition, and the college essay and application process, our advisors offer comprehensive and concierge-level guidance.

We believe that applying to college should not induce anxiety, but rather allow students to reflect on their high school experience and identify colleges that will maximize their academic and social growth. We recognize the importance of planning early to alleviate the stress of senior year, and actively keep students on track while harnessing their creative potential.

Our students have been accepted at the following schools (and many more) in the past two years: 

Harvard University

Dartmouth College

University of Virginia



Johns Hopkins


University of Pennsylvania




UMD Presidential Scholar

Princeton University






Yale University

Cal Tech

Smith College


UC Berkeley


It’s in our hands.

The 12th Grade Package provides comprehensive support from second semester junior year through regular decisions (April/May) of senior year and covers every aspect of a student’s college application experience, from formulating an initial college list, brainstorming college essay ideas, strategizing how to address potential weaknesses, to pressing “send” on the final application.  

This package provides a comprehensive, strategic, and structured approach to maximize a student’s chances at their top choice schools and reduce stress throughout the college process, utilizing the most accurate information on college admission statistics and profiles to create a cohesive, compelling narrative.



Student Limit

Each college counselor is limited to ten students to maximize personal attention.



No time limit here — our goal is get the best finished product, regardless of how long it takes.



Of our students get into one of their top choices.

The Comprehensive Package includes:

  • Meetings with students and parents second semester of 11th grade to identify areas of strength and interest, develop an academic and standardized testing plan, create and finalize a college list, and consider early, rolling, and regular pool application options

  • Internship and summer program applications and acquisition where relevant (brainstorms, outlines, revisions) 

  • Regular weekly 1:1 meetings to complete EA/ED applications during the summer before senior year

  • Regular meetings through fall and winter of senior year to systematically complete all regular admission essays and supplemental materials ahead of deadlines  

  • Discussions throughout the year to assist students and parents with various aspects of the college process, including special talents and interests and merit and need-based scholarships

  • Uniquely tailored essays and supplementals planned strategically for each school and designed to stand out from the general admissions pool and play against stereotype 

  • Unlimited access to a counselor for the student or parents to help address specific issues or answer particular questions as they arise during the school year

  • Application interview assistance and mock-interviews

  • Complete last-minute check of every Common/Coalition Application by Principia Team

  • A mid-year meeting after first semester of senior year for those in regular decision pools

  • Deferral action strategies including letters of enthusiasm and interest

  • An April meeting for students who are weighing their college choices, negotiating financial aid packages, or seeking to maximize their chances of admission from a wait-list

  • Consulting on course selection, college transitions, potential transfers and gap years

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Principia’s team of counselors were a huge help with my college application process. My essays were a mess before I worked with them; with their help I was able to start over and restructure it.
— Simon C., U.V.A.
Oliver helped my daughter write an emotional and personal story that she would not have had the courage to tell without his help. He was instrumental in helping her in the college application process.
— Samantha K. (Yale mother)
I can’t say enough about their attention to detail. The insistence on honesty and writerly perfection raised my son’s standards to a level that surprised even me!
— David J., M.I.T father


College Counselor Highlight

Oliver Lee is a Princeton University graduate (Psychology '02), MFA graduate, and published writer. He grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and attended the Gilman School, where they still use his college essay as an application model.

“The application essay is a special kind of art form. Before starting Principia, I worked as a script editor in Hollywood, an editor at a social justice news site, and an editor at a literary magazine. Vastly different forms of writing, but they all had one thing in common: sifting through a large number of submissions in a short amount of time — not unlike college admissions — we looked for those rare qualities that rise to the top: an arresting opening, an eye for specificity, and the ability to convey one’s voice and values in a unique, charming way.”

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