Of our students made to the semifinal round of the TJ Prep exam last year. Of those, 75% were offered admission.   


test a week

To solidify concepts and practice before the November test, we offer an optional testing time to take practice tests in a test-taking environment in our office.



students max

Our focus is on the students. We teach toward their individual learning styles so that each student gets the most out of the class. 


Not your average TJ Prep class. 


No Cram Zone

The admissions exam for the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology received a makeover in 2017. 

According to the Fairfax County Public Schools press release, "A combination of two different tests--the ACT Aspire and the Quant Q--were selected to replace the old test. The ACT Aspire test will test reading and science skills, and the Quant Q will test math skills ... These tests replace the previous exam and will be administered on November 18."

Without any examples of the new test, we are going back to the basics. We have created our own proprietary TJ materials to focus on the concepts behind the test. In addition, we'll cover test-taking strategies to ensure that your student is ready and confident on test day.

The semifinalist round remains the same with the SIS/Essay Test. Principia's SIS/Essay classes focus on using experiences and accomplishments to demonstrate a student's fit with TJHSST. We'll approach essay questions from multiple disciplines, including math, ethics, and science-based.



The New TJ Test








50 min

65 min

60 min


# of Qs







Pattern Recognition

Probability Combinatorics

Out-of-the-Box Algebra

Geometry + Optimization

Key Ideas + Details

Craft + Structure

Integration of Knowledge
+ Ideas

Interpretation of Data

Scientific Investigation

Evaluation of Models


Experimental Design



TJ Admissions Schedule

2018 - 2019


1st round

September 3 - 28, 2018

Testing Date:
Saturday, November 10, 2018

**Applicants receive semifinalist notification
on January 18, 2019



Teacher Recommendation Information Due:
January 25, 2018

SIS/Essay Test:
Saturday, February 9, 2018

Teacher Recommendation Deadline:
February 11, 2018

Principia Summer 2018 TJ Schedule


Summer TJ Prep A (Advanced)

June 19 - July 19

Tuesdays + Thursdays

9 am - 1 pm

Tuition: $1,500 (5 weeks)


Summer TJ Prep B

July 23 - August 22

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

9 am - 12 pm

Tuition: $1,575 (5 weeks)

Summer TJ SIS / Essay Class

Summer TJ SIS/Essay Class A

June 16th - July 14th


2 - 5 pm

Tuition: $575

Summer TJ SIS/Essay Class B

July 21st - August 18th


2 - 5 pm

Tuition: $575

Principia Fall 2018 TJ Schedule


Fall TJ Prep A

August 25th - November 3rd


9 am - 1 pm

Tuition: $1,650 (11 weeks)


Fall TJ Prep B

September 16th - November 4th


9 am - 1 pm

Tuition: $1,200 (8 weeks)


Thank you for your hard work and for a great class. My student has looked forward to coming to class every weekend and is disappointed it will end. I was so glad I contacted you all after such negative experiences with other educational groups.
— Parent
Quality, Professionalism, Environment, Timeliness.
My child loves the instructors, the welcoming environment, and the structured teaching techniques. We have seen an increase in confidence AND grades! We definitely recommend Principia Tutors.
— Alex N., Ashburn, VA
Thanks for making test prep such a positive experience. Regardless of how the test turns out, this has been a great investment for us.
— Parent


SYED, Ph.D.  |  Science Instructor

Syed is a TJHSST and University of Virginia alum and a life-long science devotee. He received his Ph.D. in neuroscience at the opposite end of the country at the University of Southern California. While he has strong opinions on the eternal war of coastal superiority, his real passion lies in teaching the natural sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. He has served as a student mentor and tutor for more than 10 years, and is an author on several science publications.  His extra-curricular passions include language-learning, impressionist art, and botched attempts at fusion cuisine.  

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