What we do.

Our mission is to help students get the best grades possible while developing an appreciation of the subject along the way. We tutor every academic subject for students in middle school, high school, and college. Even the brightest students may need assistance with a specific topic or with the organizational skills required to do their best in a school environment. We can help immeasurably—and permanently.

We can work with your child in-person or online via Principia Anywhere. Both are extremely effective. Below is a list of the most common subjects we tutor:



  • Basic

  • Sequential

  • Algebra I

  • Algebra II

  • Geometry

  • Trigonometry

  • Pre-Calculus

  • AP/BC Calculus

  • AP Statistics


  • Writing

  • Reading

  • Vocabulary

  • AP English Literature

  • AP English Language

  • Grammar

  • Poetry

  • ESL


 Social Science

  • AP US History

  • AP European History

  • AP World History

  • AP Government

  • AP Economics

  • AP Psychology

  • Philosophy



  • AP Chemistry

  • AP Physics

  • AP Biology




We have experts able to work with students in nearly every subject there is, so just ask us. We want to take the burden off of you. Let us step in so you can enjoy your son or daughter without having to feel pressure to “nag” about school. Whatever the reason—remediation, enrichment, anything at all—our tutors stand ready to help!



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